EXERCARE Online exercise for all
EXERCAREOnline exercise for all

Weight Loss



Exercise + Nutrition + Motivation


= Ideal Weight 

ExerCare for weight loss and health in Wells, Somerset. and Online for all.


We provide the holitsic approach with success strategies to  achieve either :-


1. Weight loss & Diabetic improvements

2. Weight maintenance 

3. Weight gain.


We help with setting weight goals.  Very importantly we support your ongoing weight maintainence at your ideal weight. This is achieved through the balance of Exercise, Nutrition with Powerful Mind Sets. 


We follow the NHS  "New science of nutrition and health" for general health and wellbeing. To achieve progressive long term,  lasting weight control and health.

This is fully explained by Dr Murdoch ( Wells Health Centre ) in an ongoing series of presentations  - "Creating Health in Wells" 


Life style changes get the results, not trendy nor fashion, fad diets that don't work over the long term. Avoid the harmful Yo - yo effect.


This is the health equation. We help you get the balance right


Exercise + Nutrition + Mindfulness = Healthy Weight


We will help you drop 500 calories a day through exercise and nutrition combined. You will then lose .5 kg to 1 kg each week (1lb to 2lb) until you achieve your target weight. Or in the case of desired weight gain, increase by that amount. This is the safe and best way to manage weight long term.


Weight Maintenance is a major issue. Having lost weight, the battle has just started. Keeping the weight off is a major challenge and requires as much if not more vigilance.


We suggest a range of lifestyle changes and offer support to achieve success. Activities for daily life are essential. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may be helpful to consider beliefs, expectations and changes in activities.


The benefits of being at your correct weight are enormous, not just in terms of physical health but how you feel with increased confidence, energy and activity.

It is an upward spiral.





Balanced Exercise +


Healthy Nutrition +


Empowering Mind Sets


= Ideal Weight Maintenance

Professionally qualified:- (REP'S Level 4)

Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity - Member


Advanced Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Exercise Referral (GP Referral) & Lower Back Pain Specialist

Nutritional Therapist (Including Obesity & Diabetes - REP's level 4)

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John Beasley - Qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer. Exercise Referral Specialist. (GP Referral) and Lower Back Pain Specialist. Nutrition Advisor