EXERCARE Online exercise for all
EXERCAREOnline exercise for all

Recovery and Avoiding Injury


A strong healthy body helps you to avoid or recover from injury or illness


All muscle groups balanced, toned and flexible


Joints strong and mobile

ExerCare Personal Training places the avoidance of injury or recovery to fitness, as a top priority.


We regard exercise as medicine - just like Hippocrates.


You need the right type of "medicine" not too much nor too little!  - The right dose!  There are health issues with over training, as much as too little activity. Repetitive strain injury can be a problem with over concentration on one exercise or sport.


The body always needs more time to recover the more intense the exercise.


Every client will receive their own individual Programme and if necessary "Personal Training Exercise Prescriptions."


Your own exercise programmes and prescriptions detail the right frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise for you.


We aim for correct alignment and technique in exercises together with the best mind/body processes. Poor posture and muscle inbalance often leads to injury.


We follow a whole body holistic approach for comprehensive and lasting fitness supported by the best nutritional advice.


Every training session will incorporate a safe warm up, cool down and stretching/relaxing to safely settle the body. This is essential to get the most out of the main exercise programme.



Warm up & Mobility

Main Phase

Cool down & stretches

It's usually the little things that make a big difference. Stretching alignment is definitely one of those little things.

In fact, it's so "little" that most people wouldn't give it a second thought. But if you neglect your alignment while stretching,  you could be setting yourself up for knee, hip and lower back problems.


We help clients develope the strongest possible mind sets to achieve realistic goals, based on short, medium and long term planning. Everthing is achievable. One step at a time !


We encourage client independence and recommend  - Activities for Daily Life (ADL's) to build on the benefits between Exercare Personal Training sessions.


We will explain the risks to joints, ligaments and tendons, etc of some exercises, that may not be at all suitable, and should be avoided. 


We believe in safety first. That's why we are called ExerCare.


Get Fit  - Stay Fit - Avoid Injury !


Fully Focused - Natural Alignment - Perfect Posture.

ExerCare offer a holistic approach to health.


Nutrition and "Purposeful Mind Sets" play key roles.












Don't forget stretching and flexibility


for the fullest range of movement

John Beasley M.Sc  PGCE


Professionally qualified:- (REP'S Level 4)

Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity - Member


Advanced Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Exercise Referral (GP Referral) & Lower Back Pain Specialist - Level 4

Nutritional Therapist (Including Obesity & Diabetes REP"s Level 4)

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John Beasley - Qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer. Exercise Referral Specialist. (GP Referral) and Lower Back Pain Specialist. Nutrition Advisor