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EXERCAREOnline exercise for all

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ExerCare Personal Training Online


Helping you become a healthier you


ExerCare Personal Training - exercise to achieve the many benefits of a healthy life syle.


For ALL. No upper age limit!  Attitude is the only barrier !!! -  Not age, nor current ability level, injury or illness.


Every individual is different. We all have a complex set of needs that need to be balanced. The support of a professionally qualified Personal Trainer can help achieve better standards. 


What suits one person may not be appropriate for another. Literally, just like food,  "One person's meat is another person's poison".


Therefore we do not follow a one size fits all approach, which so often happens in group exercise classes.


We respect individuality and differences. We respond appropriately with imaginative solutions.


Support and Recommendations

We offer a high level of motivation and can help with rational emotional thinking and behaviour. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)


Between sessions to maximise benefits, we recommend Activities for Daily Life (ADL's)


We always recommend a healthy balanced diet to support exercise and the right level of hydration..


When necessary we will work with the client's Doctor and or Physiotherapist.



Each client receives an individual taiored programme and progresses towards set achievable goals at the appropriate level.


Each programme will work towards increasing aerobic (cardiovascular) capacity, endurance, strength, balance, core stability, flexibility and coordination.


We follow a whole body, muscle balanced approach.


There will always be safe warm up and cool down components, again based on the individual's needs.



Generally we will work in a person's home or garden.


But we can work in a park or local gym. It is the client's choice.


We can provide equipment for the session, if the client wishes. eg kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands etc. We can also use body weight exercises and High Intensity Interval Training, (HIIT), if that is what the client wants.

3 levels of Personal Training

ExerCare Personal Training can be put into 3 broad groups, whichever is appropriate for the client on the day. We always aim for progression within each group and aim to move up a group.


ExerCare Lite  -   lower intesity

ExerCare           -  medium

ExerCare Extra - higher intesity





ExerCare   Personal Trainer Online


Any Age or Ability, Injury or Illness



John Beasley M.Sc  PGCE


Professionally qualified:- (REP'S Level 4)

Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity - Member


Advanced Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Exercise Referral (GP Referral) & Lower Back Pain Specialist - Level 4

Nutritional Therapist (Including Obesity & Diabetes REP"s Level 4)


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John Beasley

The Maples

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Tel: 01749 672482

Mob: 0787 501 6737

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Personal Trainer - Wells, Somerset - For All

Personal Training support


Specialised programmes for all. Including :-


*The over 50's. (or younger)

*Recovering from injury or


*Weight issues and toning.

*Back pain.


*Energy loss

*Exercise referral

*Motivation problems

*Just feeling deconditioned.



*Online Options for All

John Beasley - Qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer. Exercise Referral Specialist. (GP Referral) and Lower Back Pain Specialist. Nutrition Advisor