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Exercise Referral support is available to clients who have medical conditions. We then deliver exercise as medicine, sometimes called an "Exercise Prescription." 


The Exercise Prescription has evolved over several decades as physical exercise has become a well established tool to prevent and treat illness, disease and to support recovery from injury or operation.


Perception within the healthcare sector of 'exercise as treatment' has changed dramatically in recent years at a time when, generally, all age groups are doing far too little to stay healthy. Being a "couch potato" is not an option. An inactive life style invites all manner of health problems.


The exercise prescription is based on individual needs and preferences. It is not a one size fits all approach. We start at an appropriate level and progress at a sustainable level, towards set goals.


Personal Training is available for one to one sessions or two to one, at the clients choice, where costs can be halved.

We provide individual balanced programmes based on your current circumstances.

We also support clients who do not want to go to a gym, join noisy group classes or pound their joints.


There are many benefits in working with a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, who is fully focused on your needs and preferences. Progression is much quicker and safer with this high level support structure.

Scientific Evidence and medical guidelines will inform your own training programme following any Doctor's or physiotherapist  recommendations and considerations. Comprehensive assessments will determine  your appropriate safe level to progress exercise.


Whereas any physiotherapy generally focuses on just one area of the body, our Personal Training offers a holistic whole body approach to total fitness. The two are complementary.


Your Progress will enable your physiological adaption to exercise to translate into improved health. Our exercise approach is onwards and upwards through continuous improvements and best practice.


Online Personal Trainer support is an option after initial screening and assessment. So you can exercise any time - any place ! Wherever there is wifi!

No need to interupt those training schedules ! The world from Wells !


We suggest an individual starter outline programme. Subsequent sessions build up from this at a sustainable level, which is right for you.


Please get in touch to find out more and receive exercise support from a fully professionally qualified and registered Personal Trainer.


We look forward to helping you become a healthier you.







 Exercise for ALL



John Beasley M.Sc  PGCE


Professionally qualified:- (REP'S Level 4)

Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity - Member


Advanced Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Exercise Referral (GP Referral) & Lower Back Pain Specialist - Level 4

Nutritional Therapist (Including Obesity & Diabetes REP"s Level 4)

ExerCare - Offers appropriate exercise/movement and healthy lifestyle support for all ages and fitness levels. 


Based in Wells, Somerset. Offering Online exercise for anyone, anywhere.  

The World from Wells !


A registered Professional Personal Trainer is the best way to get fitness and health improvements.

"Exercise with care" is our motto. This is to ensure motivation and safe progression. That's why we are called - "ExerCare,"


Everyone Welcome

Exercare is for everyone. This includes not just the already superfit;

We also help those returning to exercise, recovering from injury or illness, or just feeling deconditioned.

Also lack of current exercise progression or interest can be issues we address.


Many clients are in their 50's to 70's (and younger) but want to exercise to receive the many benefits of remaining active and as fit and healthy as possible.


Age and ability is never a barrier to exercise, only attitude is !


Programmes - online


Tai Chi for Health & Vitality classes

PilogaFit classes 

Personal Training 


We offer exercise at 3 different levels of intensity:-


ExerCare Lite

ExerCare Medium

ExerCare Extra


Strength, Endurance  and Cardiovascular improvements are important in all our Personal Training programmes. We provide tailor made exercise activities to include the full  range of whole body fitness. This also includes core work, mobility/flexibility, motor skills, coordination, balancing muscle groups etc. 


Holistic Personal Trainer

ExerCare is always a holistic whole body approach, including nutrition and positive mind set coaching. These are the essential elements for a balanced programme to achieve maximum health benefits. Wherever possible we would suggest exercise outside, close to nature.


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Personal Trainer - Wells, Somerset - For All

Personal Training support


Specialised programmes for all. Including :-


*The over 50's. (or younger)

*Recovering from injury or


*Weight issues and toning.

*Back pain.


*Energy loss

*Exercise referral

*Motivation problems

*Just feeling deconditioned.



*Online Options for All

John Beasley - Qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer. Exercise Referral Specialist. (GP Referral) and Lower Back Pain Specialist. Nutrition Advisor